College Just May be ‘Possible’

College Possible helps students prep for ACT, financial literacy, gives students the opportunity to apply for scholarships and applications, lessen the amount of debt that students will have after college.

College Possible is a program that is available to all Juniors at Gresham, Centennial, David Douglas, Maddison, Park Rose and Sam Barlow (this is their last year).  It is recommended that students apply for College Possible during your Sophomore year so that they can begin taking it at the beginning of Junior year.  The application process is free, they meet two times a week for two hours at a time, and will keep in contact with you in any way that is convenient for you throughout your high school and college career.

College Possible is a non-profit organization that began in Twin Cities, Minnesota 15 years ago and has been in Portland for three years.  The program is aimed towards low income first generation students that want to succeed in their college career.
If you are a Sophomore and want more information on College Possible you, can go to {INCLUDE LINK} or ask Shelley Johnson in the front office