Seignler Saves the West Courtyard Greenhouse


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This Greenhouse, located in the west courtyard, has been revitalized by Madison Seingler.

Centennial’s greenhouse, which is located in the west courtyard, hasn’t been used or cleaned in a very long time so sophomore Madison Seingler decided to take matters into her own hands.

Before Seingler could begin, she got information from the office on how to start the process of cleaning the greenhouse. Seingler’s only way to get access to get inside of the greenhouse is through the custodians.

Over spring break, two of her friends, Winter Burris, and Daphine Pfier tagged along to help her. It took two whole days just to clean off the windows. Seingler is provided with tools that were donated from Denise Ingwood who works in the school kitchen.

When Seingler describes the greenhouse with a  smile on her face.  It’s obvious she is proud of her work. “There’s a lot of moss inside and it’s messy and dirty.” One of her main goals is to have the greenhouse cleaned by the end of school year. If not, she’ll finish it over the summer.

“Most of my classes, I always see it there. Every time I looked at it, it had a view that wasn’t pretty to stare at. So I thought if I was able to clean it, it would look better than before,” Seingler says.

Most of the students probably didn’t know this, but there’s actually a pond next to the greenhouse.  And yes, it’s dirty too. Not only is Seingler cleaning the greenhouse, she is considering taking a crack at the pond, too.  Seingler said, “I think they are going to put goldfish in that pond once it’s cleaned up.”

As for the greenhouse, Siengler is going to add succulents, different varieties of vegetables and flowers inside of it. “It’s a fixer upper and I’m very excited for this,”she said.

Sophomore Madison Seingler.
Johnson Photo
Sophomore Madison Seingler is very passionate about the greenhouse.