Staff Spotlight: Stacy Vanderpool


Vawter Photo

Mrs. Vanderpool now works in the English department.

Sheila Trnjanin, Staff Writer

Stacy Vanderpool says she has always been a very shy, introverted, and quiet individual all throughout her life. This is the main reason why she desired to come back and teach at her alma mater, Centennial.  

“I felt like it’s a place that I could go right away, and I wouldn’t be judged even if I made mistakes and had some of those first year teaching difficulties,” she said. Vanderpool saw CHS as a place where she would have the confidence to see who she is as a teacher.

Vanderpool attended the University of Oregon, and served as the program assistant for the Women’s Basketball team starting her sophomore year. She served in this position for five years. Some of her responsibilities included working with the coaching staff through running drills, preparing the gym for those drills, and practices. During the season, she travelled with the team, was in charge of the equipment, and uniforms. “Essentially, I was a glorified water girl.”

Through serving as the Program Assistant, Vanderpool was able to have all of the perks and experiences of being a student athlete, which also entailed having to miss classes, and make up for it by attending a study hall for at least 10 hours every week. “Often times I wasn’t given a lot of directions so I had to pay attention to what was going on and think about what needs would be there and anticipate them.”

One major benefit that came from her role was getting a full ride scholarship for five years of schooling which allowed her to earn her undergraduate,and Master’s Degrees debt free. In addition, she made life long friends, learned how to deal with her fear of approaching others, and overcoming her shy personality, which was one of the most difficult things about her job.

Vanderpool started teaching in 2000, and has developed close friendships with lots of her former teachers, which took a long time to build and get used to.

“The teachers that I was really close to when I was a student, I was still really close to and built up on those relationships when I became a teacher,” she said.

Vanderpool was actively involved with the school newspaper and yearbook, and spent most of her time in Jeff Stanek’s classroom, who she said has become one of her best friends.

In social settings, she is still very shy, but after coming to a place where she would know her coworkers, Vanderpool was able to be more outgoing, grow, become more of a leader, and a confident teacher.

Throughout her years, Vanderpool has been involved with coaching the girls basketball team, been the English Department Chair, served as the Calendar Committee member, and is currently a member of the Building Construction Team.