New Site, Peachjar, Allows Digital Eflyers

We’re all familiar with StudentVue, the website and app that provides students with the opportunity to keep an eye on their current grades and any announcements made by their teachers.

However, just recently Centennial has been looking at a new site Peachjar, a digital eflyer used to promote or update on current events in your community — a new method in putting an end to mailed home flyers. All the school has to do is approve the types of events they want to promote or inform the public of and make an online flyer. From there, it’s up to parents to subscribe and they will receive notifications of updates from the school instantly. Peachjar also makes sharing eflyers available, giving parents and students an easier way to share these flyers through social media or even print!

Literature teacher, Rana Houshmand, a teacher who generally allocates many assignments over the course of the year shared her input on the new innovative app, “I have not heard of it, but anything that could make the process of making students aware easier would be worth enforcing. ”I have not heard of it, but anything that could help the process of keeping students, and parents, aware of school events would be worth enforcing.”

If Peachjar is to completely take over all other flyers sent home is unknown, it’s currently a product being tested to see how it resonates with the targeted audience: parents. Apps that help promote schools news through current digital media outlets is this generation’s idea of The Booster Club; people spreading news for the community to help keep those updated and aware of what is needed to be known.
Events such as upcoming school games, art events, shows, and even important dates for students would be the intended content on Peachjar. Like the TV displays in or cafeteria, or Shelley’s lovely morning announcements; Peachjar will be another outlet to provide an easier access to hear and share important news for the Centennial School District.