OHSET Claims Many Honors

The last district OHSET meet of the season was held this past weekend from Apr. 1 to Arp. 3 at the Oregon Equestrian Center (OEC) in West Linn, and was the make or break point for athletes aiming for the State competition which will be held at the Deschutes County Expo Center in Redmond, Oregon from May 12 to May 15.  As for this meet, a large majority of athletes qualified as State and Alternate Qualifiers. As in the previous articles, the event will be listed with a description along with the athlete’s name. This time, however, athletes will be noted on if they are a State or Alternate competitor.


A timed event that involves weaving through poles.

Sara Painter– Second Alternate

Amanda Wyman– Third Alternate


A timed event with four people  where one person bends down and grab poles from the ground, runs back, and is repeated for the rest of the people in the group.

Amanda Wyman, Claire Guynes, Hannah Thoms, and Madison Jameson– First Alternate.


A two person timed event that involves weaving poles and running back so the other person can go.

Madison Jameson & Amanda Wyman– Third Alternate


A timed event where the rider grabs a flag from one bin, goes to another to switch flags, and deposit that flag in the first bin without missing.

Sara Painter– State Competitor


A pattern done with two people in which people work to music and dress their horses up.

Katie Friekert & Sara Painter– State Competitors

Serena Ward & Hannah Thoms– State Competitors

Madison Jameson & Hannah Kaufman– First Alternates


A pattern made by the team and performed with music. Lasts about five to six minutes and usually has flags.

Sara Painter, Katie Friekert, Claire Guynes, & Hannah Thoms– State Competitors


Same as freestyle fours but with six to ten riders (maybe more).

Matt Cully, Madison Jameson, Hannah Kaufman, Julianna Digby, Serena Ward, & Savanna LaChapelle– State Competitors


A timed ground even where four athletes complete a pattern one after the other before time runs out.

Serena Ward, Julianna Digby, Hannah Thoms, & Katie Freikert — Second Alternate


A fast paced pattern where the athlete is based on control of the horse under saddle.

Hannah Thoms– First Alternate

Claire Guynes– State Competitor


A pattern where the horses ground manners are judged in a given pattern

Taylor Veach– First Alternate


A mounted event where the athlete is judged on how they maneuver through obstacles.

Taylor Veach– State Competitor


Same as trail except on the ground.

Hannah Thoms– First Alternate


An English event where the athlete is based on control of their horse within a pattern.

Taylor Veach– State Competitor


Similar to trail except with more ranch like equipment, such as rain coats or poles, and also involves moving cows.

Matt Cully– State Competitor


An English event where the Athlete is judged on control in a continuously moving pattern; often times the pattern is spoken by someone because it’s so long.

Hannah Kaufman– Second Alternate


To learn more about the upcoming state competition in Redmond, Oregon in May, please visit www.ohset.com.