Low Numbers, Spring Weather Wreak Havoc on Golf

Eli Porterfield, Staff Writer

The golf season is progressing well so far, although with some challenges along the way for Coach Tom Young and the program.

Young noted that the low number of total kids in the program is having a negative impact. Due to the low number of kids participating it is difficult to build up a successful program.  Additionally, the inconsistent nature of the Spring weather is negatively impacting the team.  It has led to a lack of practice for the athletes, which in turn has led to performances not up to par.

Coach Young mentioned Jacob Schul and Travis Maes as standout golfers. Maes stated “My goal is to consistently shoot in the low 80’s.”  He also noted that although he has improved a lot from last season, “I won’t make the same mistake of not practicing in the summer again.”  He believes he’d be much better if he would have kept practicing.

Young said a problem is that Schul and Maes are currently the only Varsity golfers in the program.  He hopes to increase the participation for golf by increasing the attention for the sport.  

Coach Young expects these problems to be solved as the season continues.  He expects to have a good season and noted the “good kids are great to work with”.  Young encourages anyone thinking of playing golf to come out and join.  See Coach Tom Young in room 132 if you are interested in joining the golf team or would like more information regarding golf.