Bond Slated For May Ballot

Sheila Trnjanin, Staff Writer, Co-Editor

The 2016 bond has officially been proposed, and voters will decide whether or not to approve an increase of $1.31 per every $1,000 of assessed home value to improve the district.

It has been finalized that funding will go towards safety improvements for schools, and address the need for a new middle school to alleviate the rising student population in the elementary schools and Centennial Middle School.

What does this all mean for CHS? Projects that are planned if voters approve the bond for the high school are safety improvements to the intercom systems, cameras, and installation of automatic lock doors. As well as new roofing, additional power outlets, energy conservation measures, and improved wifi in all classrooms.

In addition, improvements will be made to athletic facilities, such as a turf field.

Election day will be on May 17, and until then, campaigning is up to the Citizen’s Committee and is out of the hands of district employees during work hours.