SBAC Testing Underway

Vy Nguyen, Staff Writer

What is SBAC exactly?  SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium taken only by juniors.  This test improves learning for students and prepare students for after high school.  With this test, teachers at our school can check student growth and achievement in English and math.  This test will only be taken by juniors.

The SBAC math test has already been taken the week after spring break and should be all finished and done by now.  Students who haven’t yet finished their  math SBAC test will miss their math class to go to the computer lab to finish as soon as possible.

The English SBAC test will be starting on the 25th of April.   To graduate high school, you have to pass the SBAC test. If not, you have to have passed two math work samples.

Parents have the authority to request to opt their students out of taking the SBAC test by filling out an opt out form that can be found on this link: .  The option to opt out of a state assessment is only allowed in very few states but includes Oregon. The form should be filled out and turned within 2 weeks of enrollment. Although it is very encouraged by teachers that you should take the SBAC.