Snuggerud Survives 150 Foot Fall Off of Angel’s Rest


Vawter Photo

(Back) Nick Henry, Preston Degeneres, (Front) Jesse Porter, and Adam Bounphisay smile with Kole Snuggerud.

Over spring break, a hike at Angel’s Rest with some friends turned into a frightening and life-changing event after a Centennial student fell nearly 150 feet.

Sophomore Kole Snuggerud was with Centennial students and friends when it all happened. “I was trying to get a better view,” says Snuggerud, “and then I slipped on some moss.”

For the next four and a half hours he was fading in and out until first responders and a helicopter came to take him to the hospital. Reports said “an off-duty paramedic and emergency room doctor” were there helping him until first responders came to the scene.

“As a friend he’s one of the most loyal friends you could ask for,” said Jadon Pickles. “He’s always pushing you to be better.”

The following day, science teacher Julie Hilsenteger went to visit him in the hospital. “He was pretty drugged up for pain, but he was coherent and talking to visitors,” she said.  He is said to have some head trauma and a broken hip, but was making a fast recovery and still is, however it will still take time. “I feel more grateful,” he says after this experience. “Don’t take things for granted.”