And the winner is… Leo?

Laura Popescu , Editor-In-Chief

February 27 may have been the biggest day for online users since Kim K “Broke the Internet.” Except this situation is actually beneficial to society.

The 88th Annual Academy Awards were held in Hollywood just recently and brought out the best of the best actors and movies of 2015 all in one location.  Worldwide this evening was the most talked about on social media, but what stole the show was actor Leonardo DiCaprio finally grasping that rightfully-deserved Oscar as Best Actor in a Leading Role in his performance in The Revenant.

His performance was unanimously agreed to have been one of his best, but what overthrew that was his endearing acceptance speech dedicated to informing the public on the dangers of global warming and its effect on the filming of The Revenant.

“And lastly I just want to say this: Making The Revenant was about man’s relationship to the natural world. A world that we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history… Climate change is real and it’s happening right now.”  He stated, warming the hearts of everyone in the room.  

The speech’s message when then chattered about weeks after because it was the first example in a while where a public figure used their “spotlight” to spread awareness on a global issue we battle.

Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for five other Oscars for “Best Actor” in the past 15 years, won his first ever Academy Award. Fans everywhere, and those who made fun of his inability to win, tasted a bit of victory as his name was called and he finally grasped that golden Oscar we’ve all been waiting for.
Whether this will be considered a monumental moment in TV history or not, Leonardo did give a lovely acceptance speech and, in that moment, captured the attention of all.