Seniors Wise to Know, Follow Scholarships

Class of 2016 graduation is right around the corner, and the deadline for scholarships is coming to an end soon.  The scholarship list packets are in the Career Center.  In this packet, students will find many local and national scholarships, but are encouraged to remember there are much more other scholarship opportunities out there, these are just a few.  This packet will also tell list all deadlines.

There are hundreds of scholarships to sign up for. One of the biggest scholarships people hope to get each year is the the Dale Krueger Scholarship.  This scholarship will pay $2,000 of college tuition for four years, making this an $8000 scholarship.  However, only 10-15 students per school will be awarded this scholarship.  The deadline to sign up for this scholarship is April 1.

Another big scholarship coming to an end soon is the Student View Scholarship that will close on April 22.  This scholarship will support $500-$4000 of college tuition.