SUN Offers New Classes Including Cooking, Stress Relief

SUN is starting off the new session with a bang! There are a few more classes this time and a new Extended Day & Family Engagement Coordinator named Mariah Horrigan.


On Mondays  look for the new cooking class in room 174.


Tuesday is rolling in with two new classes:

Mind and Body Group, where students will be doing activities to help students relieve stress and relax.

College Access Workshops from 2:40-3:30, it’s available to all grades, and helps students get access to scholarships.


On Thursdays there will be a volunteer in the SUN room that will edit applications, essays for scholarships, and answer questions that a student might have.


The last week of SUN will be the week before finals. During finals the SUN room will be open as a quiet study room. Hot cocoa, and tea will be available for free if  students need a warm beverage to help you relax a little bit.