Prom Season is Here

Prom season is finally approaching, and Centennial will be celebrating with this year’s theme of “The Oscars: A Red Carpet Affair.”

The event will be at the Tiffany Center in the Emerald Ballroom, 1410 SW Morrison St., Portland.

Starting at 8 pm and ending at 11, all upperclassmen are welcomed to attend the event, and underclassmen need to be accompanied by a junior or senior. Other guests have to have graduated within the last year and must be approved by the administration.

To purchase tickets for the dance students must have:

  • A physical copy of their student ID or StudentVue profile
  • All fees paid to the bookkeeper
  • If students are bringing someone who does not attend Centennial High School, the guest form from the front office must be filled out and approved.
  • If students are buying someone else’s ticket who does attend Centennial High School, they must have fees paid. They will need their student ID or StudentVue profile in addition to CHS students’.

Ticket sales will begin on March 28 and end on April 15 during all three lunches. These are the prices of tickets:

First week: $25 with ASB, $30 without

Third week: $30 with ASB, $35 without

According to Brittney Pioquinto, the ASB student responsible for Prom planning, prices may change because they may adapt to the needed funds for the event.