Portland Hosts World’s Greatest Athletes This Weekend

Sonam Phuntsok, Staff Writer

This year the IAAF Track and Field championships will be held in Portland, Oregon starting tomorrow. 

The IAAF international championships is where the very best athletes in the world–it consists mostly of the 2016 Olympic line-up–compete in their events to become the 2016 indoor world champion.

This event has only been held in the US–in Indianapolis in 1987–once before. The chances of this event happening again in Portland are close to none.

Additionally, there will be a Pole Vault clinic and competition for the high schoolers of the US Northwest region. The high schoolers will be able to interact with the Olympic athletes, train with some of the nation’s best coaches, and also watch the Pole Vault championship for free.

The Centennial Pole Vaulters have been given the opportunity of a lifetime by being able to represent Centennial.

The female students that will be representing Centennial are: Julia Colling, Sophie Vawter, Ellie Morrow, Gabbi Nowodworski, Savannah Schultz, and Sierra Schultz. Male participants are: Yelisey Gurzhuy, Kevin Pham, Ethan Ferte, Josh Ramirez, Brendan Lyons, David Sanchez, and Raven Lickey.

Centennial Pole Vault coach Seth Cordell said , “I expect them to have one of the greatest times of their lives, and know they got to be part of something like this.”