OHSET Not Just Horsing Around


Hannah Kouffman, Madison Jameson, Sarah Painter, Katie Feichert, Serena Ward and Hannah Thoms with their horses.

Already half way into the season, Centennial’s Oregon High School Equestrian has once again made good marks at the second district meet at the Oregon Equestrian Center in West Linn from March 4 to 6.

This go around, however, athletes are now chosen whether or not they are capable of being a state competitor or alternate. If an athlete is placed in the top three twice at any three of the district meets they are eligible for state, while anyone in the top five are considered for alternate.

A list of events with names and placings will be provided along with descriptions of events and if they are state bound or not.


-an event where the athlete is judged on a pattern

– Taylor Veach with 4th place


-a ridden event where the athlete is judged on how they maneuver through obstacles

-Taylor Veach with 4th place


-a timed event where the athlete and horse weave through poles

-Amanda Wyman with 5th

-Sara Painter with 6th


-similar to in hand trail except with given amount of time and consisting of four athletes

-Centennial A team with 5th

-Julianna Digby, Hannah Thoms, Katie Freickert, and Serena Ward (Alternate)


-a pattern where the horses ground manners are judged in a given pattern

-Taylor Veach with 5th


– a two person event where athletes do a given pattern on horseback with music and costumes for the horses

-Sara Painter & Katie Freickert with 1st (State Bound)

-Hannah Thoms & Serena Ward with 3rd (State Bound)


-a team consisting of six or more people doing an intricate self made pattern to misic lasting under six minutes

-Centennial A team with 4th

-Julianna Digby, Matt Cully, Hannah Kaufman, Savanna LaChapelle, Madison Jameson, and Serena Ward (Alternate)


-similar to freestyle 6+ but only consisting of four athletes

-Centennial A team with 1st

-Hannah Thoms, Sara Painter, Katie Feickert, and Claire Guynes (State Bound)


-a western event where both horse and athlete are judged by overall control of pattern

-Madison Jameson with 4th

-Hannah Thoms with 5th


-an English event that is similar to reining

-Taylor Veach with 3rd (State Bound)

Results and information for state will be given in the next edition, following the last district meet of the season on April 1-3. Seniors will also be having a special ceremony on Friday, April 1 in the afternoon where they will run their last lap with their horse in the arena. For more information on the meet or OHSET in general, visit www.ohset.com.