Twitter Drama at Centennial

Twitter is very popular here at Centennial, and I know that a ton of students have one. I myself have an account, and I’m somewhat active in keeping up with the latest news and what not. There are a lot of other people who are super active online, however a majority of the time, unnecessary conflicts arise on the site.

“Twitter drama” is one of the main forms of entertainment these days. People tweet something that someone else disagrees with, then that person tweets criticism of this person’s opinion. Then that person tweets back, their friends get involved, and quickly, everyone somehow becomes involved.

I’ve seen a lot of different conflicts on Twitter, and it’s hard not to laugh at some people and their purpose for being involved, and what point they’re trying to make. Sometimes I see scenarios when a person is put down for their opinion, and everyone goes against them.

I see Twitter drama as a muse for people to say whatever they desire, without really thinking about it. It has become so normal to our generation that some don’t even see it as cyberbullying, but in most cases it actually is. People show a side of them that I don’t think is what they truly would want to portray themselves as, but I think that the more they’re involved with it, the more used to it they get.

Being behind a screen makes some people be oblivious to the fact that what they are writing online can actually hurt a number of people, not just the ones that are mentioned in the tweet.