What Can Be Done About Cell Phones?

Samantha Runtuwene

Cell phones are a remarkable piece of technology and have changed today’s society. Almost everyone, young, and old, own, a cell phone by now. The question is should students be permitted to use their cell phones in school? For several years, the use of cellphones in class has always been an issue.

One of the most common issues with cell phone use in class, is that it is a major distraction. Dean of Students Greg Melvin said, “I believe it’s a huge distraction. I deal with all kinds of issues related to cell phone use in school  where students aren’t following our cell phone policy.” Everyday there are students who go on their phones during class not paying attention or learning because they are too busy browsing social media. It clutters the mind, and it increases the chance students will do poorly in school.

Librarian Suzie Gurney said “You come to school to learn, not to sit there and like every kitty picture you see.”

“The biggest problem is the day to day screwing around on the phones which can lead to mad teachers” commented Melvin. As a student, I’ve seen it many times where a student plays on their phones, and once they have been caught they refuse to hand their phone to the teacher. Refusing only leads to a bigger problem. Health teacher Kristy Ree says “I think our cell phone policy is good, but it needs to be followed through and consistent by students.”

In reality, making the policy stricter or even banning cell phones wouldn’t make a big difference Melvin believes. “The best way to do it is have teachers have clear expectations of the policy in the classroom, and students work with the teacher to make this school a better place and follow those rules it’s your job as a student” he states