AP Registration Begins

The AP deadlines are coming up fast, so students need to make sure you’re ready and prepared for classes. The pre-registration deadline is March 4 for free and reduced lunch test takers and March 10 for students that are not on the free lunch program.

The fee for those who must pay is $68 per test, but if a student qualifies for free or reduced lunch they also receive a free AP test.

The AP tests and times are:

Psychology (May 2, noon)

Spanish (May 3, 8 am)

English Lang (May 3, 8 am)

Physics (May 3, noon)

Art History (May 3, noon)

English Lit (May 4, 8 am)

US History (May 6, 8 am)

Government (May 10, 8 am)

Statistics (May 12, noon)

Calculus (May 5, 8 am)

AP Coordinator Jeff Stanek said, “We have 700 kids in AP classes and we will test about 400 of them.  It’s important for students to follow the deadlines!”

Students who are taking tests that have time conflicts are advised to pay attention to the required late-test times and the order in which the tests must be taken.