Outdoor School Registration Open

If working with 11-year-old kids for a week full of nature and sleeping in a cabin with up to nine 6th graders seems like a fun experience to you, then you’re one step closer to becoming an Outdoor School Student Leader! If you don’t want to go for the experience then go for the college credits and the scholarships! If you go to ODS at least once every year you can apply for a scholarship. If you only want to go once then writing a full page paper of your experience and sending in $25 will get you up to 4 college credits.

ODS is open to sophomore through senior students.

Junior, Sophia Hernandez has gone to Cascade once and says that “It was fun working with all the kids and getting all of the outdoor experience”

Interested students can find registration cards the size of a standard postcards in the main office on the shelf under the microwave. The blue colored cards are for male students and the yellow cards are for female students. Completed cards should be returned to the main office. ODS information can be found on the following MESD website, if you have any questions but no time to ask: http://www.mesd.k12.or.us/outdoorschool
“It would look good because the student is taking their own time to miss school… Kind of a give and take for the students” Sally Menolascina gives a few ups and downs of missing school for an entire week to spend time in the nature.