Sanstrum Excels in Art

Madeline Sanstrum is one of many talented students at Centennial. Her particular talent lies in art. She is one of the many who have walked these halls who have contributed to the art room ceiling.

One of her darker pieces came to her when one of her friends almost got killed in a drive-by shooting. “I think with art, this is the best way to make connections to real things,” Sanstrum said. “I take bits and pieces of my pastand put them in there.”

Student Madeline Sanstrum has created many works of art this year.

Another piece, a peacock, is very elaborate and colorful, and there are a bunch of details.

ART 3“You never really know when your work is done,” Sanstrum commented.

Her next piece will look kind of like Coldplay’s album cover, Ghost Stories.

Sanstrum and art teacher Michael Grubar have come up with different ideas for he work. Her next piece, the one inspired by Coldplay, will be using just one color with different tints and shades.

ART 2“Madeline is definitely a hard worker.  She is pushing herself to do more than just simple projects.  She understands critiquing,” said Grubar.  “Her work is thought-provoking, in depth.  She is definitely a painter but she did well in ceramics.  It would be nice to have more students like her.”ART 4