Weather Causes Headache for Spring Sports

With Spring Sports quickly approaching, an issue that accompanies it is the unpredictable weather conditions. Spring weather is a complicated factor that impacts Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Softball, and Track and Field.

Athletic Director, Brent Child understands the problems that can be caused by the weather.  “It’s hard on athletes to be mentally prepared when they are wondering if they will have a game.”  

Additionally, Child noted that it is challenging because of the need of games to be rescheduled to later dates.  This can lead to a team being physically fatigued due to games being closed together.  Child expressed a similar view: “It’s hard on the kids because all the games being stacked up can really throw a team off.”

Child believes that the sports most affected by the weather are Baseball and Softball.  Track and Field are better prepared to handle the chaotic conditions of the weather.  

For coaches of all spring sports, Child said that they are used to it, noting that it is “business as usual”.