OHSET Competition Events

Madeline Sanstrum, Staff Writer

Centennial’s OHSET (Oregon High School Equestrian Team) team reined in the competition at the Oregon Equestrian Center in West Linn From Feb. 5 to Feb. 7. Multiple athletes and their horses earned placings that, if continued, could qualify them for State or even as a State Alternate. For now, a list of events with names and placings will be provided along with descriptions of events.


-An event where the athlete is judged on a pattern

-Sophomore Taylor Veach with 2nd place


-An ground event where the athlete is judged on how they maneuver through obstacles

-Hannah Thoms with 3rd

-Julianna Digby with 4th


-A timed team event where four people run down and grab flags out of the ground while in saddle

-Centennial A team with 4th

-Amanda Wyman, Hannah Thoms, Madison Jameson, and Claire Guynes

-Centennial C team with 5th

-Julianna Digby, Savanna LaChapelle, Serena Ward, and Madeline Sanstrum