Freshman Creates Engineering Club

Just recently, Centennial added a new extracurricular opportunity to their collection all thanks to freshman T. Michael Proehl.

PACER (Physics, Architecture, Computers, Engineering and Robotics) officially became the new engineering club for CHS that focuses on students who have a love for anything in the engineering field. This club represents all aspects of the science and math with opportunities to design, build, and plan the ideas that could be the new inventions of tomorrow.

Founder, T. Michael Proehl, came up with the idea after realizing his love for engineering should be shared with the student body. After conducting a petition and gathering students who were willing to join the club, Proehl decided to pitch the idea to our Activities Director, Ehren Schneider, and start the process of creating an after-school group.

Aside from creating robotics and conducting experiments, the club has a set of guidelines to help students stay focused on their academics. “There’s a rule that the first twenty minutes of each meeting is dedicated to homework,” he explained, “we want to have students focus on getting their work done before the fun of the club starts.”

Proehl mentioned that he intends on eventually running an Instagram and YouTube account to help spread awareness of the creations the club makes. “The club is split into groups: Engineering, Robotics, Physics, and Architecture and will make projects with their small groups after pitching their ideas to the group.”

Currently, the club anticipates to hold their upcoming first meeting next Tuesday, the 24th, after school till 5 in room 165.

“We’re planning on creating a decorative plant made of solar panels to power devices all over the world. It’s for the Clean Tech 2016 competition and it’s based off of our main goals, which is making a change in the world. We’re also working on a machine that recycles plastic into clothes for the competition.” They seem to have big plans for the group!

If you would like more details, contact Proehl or club adviser Jimmy Mei for more details/upcoming events. Also, follow their social media for updates as they continue.