Scott-Aguirre Reapplies for Position


Mcclure Photo

Because her position was labelled “interim,” Mairi Scott-Aguirre was required to reapply for the position.

Interim Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre has applied for the recently-posted principal position in hopes to hold the long term position.

According to Superintendent Sam Breyer, since the last principal, Kevin Ricker, left so quickly, the District had to find a replacement on short notice. The decision was made to hire an “interim” leader with the intention of conducting a full search this spring.

Many teachers and students are hopeful Scott-Aguirre lands the full time position.

“She really listens to the staff, is interested in what’s the best for students, and does what’s best for the school overall,” said English teacher Phil Huff.

“I just want them to pick the right candidate for the position,” said Social Studies teacher Tom Young. “Has she done a good job? Yes. Would I be disappointed if she didn’t get it? Yes.”

Breyer said the first set of interviews is set for Feb 22, and the next round is the following week.  A final decision will be made in early March.

Scott-Aguirre says she will accept if the position is offered to her.

If the District is looking at someone else for the position, they will do a site visit on March 7. Breyer said a screening is done on every applicant to make sure there “are no red flags.”

“Most importantly [Scott-Aguirre] laughs at my jokes- quote me on that because she’ll laugh at that too.” Security guard Brian Grose commented. “Also she speaks Spanish, which you don’t get a lot, and is great for a school with a bunch of different kids. So yes, I hope she gets it.”

Scott-Aguirre was always intrigued by the diversity and community of Centennial. “It proved to be even better than I thought,” she said.