Why is Basketball Fan Attendance Low?

During the fall, the Eagles stadium was packed with students cheering on the football team. The consistency of the fans, as well as super fans, sparked motivation for the Eagle athletes.  However, during the winter basketball season, attendance at games are much lower.

Dean of Students Greg Melvin doesn’t understand why not as many students are attending basketball games opposed to football. Melvin commented, “ Other schools such as Barlow and David Douglas have way more kids attending games.”

According to Athletic Director Brent Child, football may have a greater attendance because it’s almost more of an event. Students gather together at games to socialize and just have fun. A lot of other factors may come into play as well.

Students are probably more excited during the beginning of the year. Football games are only once a week on Fridays, so most students have the time attend.

Basketball on the other hand has games twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, which could be a reason why attendance is lower. Lastly, students that have to pay to get into games so money may be an issue as well.