Porterfield Has Seen Lots of Changes


Mcclure Photo

Mark Porterfield

Even after 36 years as a teacher and now administrator, Mark Porterfield still has a growing passion for Centennial. “The staff and students are fantastic. It’s a place I look forward to coming to every day,” he said.

A long-time teacher and coach, Porterfield was asked to apply for an Assistant position in 1999 and went for the opportunity. Prior to becoming an Assistant Principal, he taught a variety of subjects including Math and Student Government. Porterfield also coached Football, Track and Wrestling.

Regarding change in the school from when he was a student, Porterfield acknowledged the fact that new updates have been made in the building, varieties of demographics are present, as well as involvement in the community.

Living out in the country-side (Sandy), Porterfield said,  “Life is good!” Owning a horse and a lover of the outdoors, he enjoys camping, biking, fishing and hiking. While it may sound strange to many readers,  yard-work is one of Porterfield’s favorite activities. Most of his spare time is spent in his garden where he plants a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Porterfield’s wife, Kathy, has worked in several school settings including the Centennial District, West Linn and Concordia. She is currently a Reading Educator Specialist for the Oregon Trail School District. They have no kids. Porterfield tries to be locally involved in his community as much as he can, considering he lives far from the Centennial community.

Porterfield still holds the Centennial school record for triple jump with a length of 46 ft and 9 inches. In 1972, he participated in the Football State Championships. Porterfield is pleased when running into his team-mates and opponents. “Great memories were made. It’s an amazing opportunity to get involved and be more connected,” he said.