G’Day USA, G’Bye Aussies

Australian exchange students participating in the “G’day USA” program arrived at CHS on January 11 to begin their week long visit to the Pacific Northwest.

For many years Centennial has had the privilege of participating in “G’day USA,” a program that brings Australian exchange students to the Pacific Northwest for a week-long visit. Students who apply for the program fill out an application that matches them with an American student of similar age, gender, and interests. Exchange students stay in the homes of Centennial students and experience life with their families for the week. 

On weekdays host students bring their Australian students to the high school where they depart as a group for various excursions around Oregon. Some of the places they visit are the Columbia River Gorge, Downtown Portland, and the coast. In the evening host students can take their exchange student wherever they would like. Many take the Australian students to Blazer or Winterhawk games.



Many also take their exchange students to other activities like laser tag and mini golf. Taking exchange students to places unique to Oregon (like Salt & Straw) was proved to be a highlight as well.



When having this much fun with a guest from out of town time really flies. Tuesday January 19th was the morning host students had to say goodbye to their new friends. The morning of their departure was an emotional one to say the least.  12620601_962018053877482_1766693018_o





Along with the fun memories came relationships that some could say will last a lifetime. Thanks to G’Day USA for providing this opportunity to us CHS students. Future students looking to host in upcoming years, contact  Reed Scott-Schwalbach or Adriann Hardin for more information.