Forecasting Starts, Ends in Early February

Sophie Vawter, Staff Writer, Co-Editor

Forecasting will begin on Feb. 9 and continue the rest of that week. During forecasting week, student’s second period teacher will hand out the forecasting paper with empty boxes to be filled with the student’s desired classes. A course catalog will also be handed out that lists all the available classes to forecast for and their descriptions. There will be information given to explain the process and importance as well.

The earlier the paper is turned in, the better. The deadline for turning in the forecasting paper is Feb 12.

“Counselors will make an effort to make sure all the forecasting sheets are turned in- lots of efforts!” said counselor Kayci Emry. 

It is very important that any changes that are needed happen before the end of this school year. Counselors create teachers schedules based on what students forecast for, so kids changing classes causes an imbalance in class sizes. According to Emry, it creates lots of unneeded trouble in planning what classes are offered to students, and what period the class would be. Make smart decisions about what classes you would like, and make sure to make any changes in the months before this current school year is over. Your counselors will try their absolute best to meet with everyone who needs changes, but keep in the mind that they still have regular job requirements and tasks to complete.  During forecasting week, it is important to remember that nearly everyone with questions will be trying to make an appointment, making it impossible for the counselors to meet with everyone. If you have questions about the classes, just make sure to fill out the forecasting paper to the best of your ability and get it in on time. Also, there is a box to check on the forecasting sheet where the student can request to meet with their counselor in March of April. It is better to have a flaw turned in forecasting paper than no paper at all.