Rugby Needs More Players

Rugby Coach Tom Bremer is looking for more potential players

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Rugby Coach Tom Bremer is looking for more potential players

There are still doubts whether or not there will be a rugby team this year because they’re in need of more players. Coach Tom Bremer said “There’s always a doubt until we get everybody signed up. It was questionable last year but we managed to get the minimum.” Bremer would love to have 22 girls or even more on the team before the season starts.

Rugby is a club sport, so they will be competing against many different schools such as Newberg, Canby, Cleveland, and many more. Bremer really encourages girls to try out for this sport because it involves many elements of different sports like soccer and football. Bremer said, “It’s a beautiful sport.”

Bremer also believes that girls should join because the sport has a great culture to it. After every game the home team always hosts a lunch for everyone providing food and drinks. They also gather together and pick a few of the outstanding players from the other team and give them prizes. Bremer said, “There’s great bonding in this sport, after they are done bashing each other in the head they hug, talk, and make many new friends.”

Bremer’s goals for this season include; staying competitive, getting new jerseys, keeping a healthy team, and overall just having a good time.

They’re still recruiting girls, so if interested, anyone can signup here:

Information is also available on the bulletin board across from room 124 in the English hallway.