Huffman Manages to Balance a Full Schedule


Alexus Johnson, Staff Writer

Delaney Huffman is a Junior this year. She does many things outside of school like Taekwondo, playing the violin, learning Japanese, and participating in robotics club at ACE Academy Charter School.

“I like to teach because it’s a good experience. It makes me more confident,” Huffman states.

Even with all of her other activities, Huffman still makes sure to find time for homework. “You have to work hard,” she states.

Her parents are very supportive and encouraging. “They want me to succeed,” she explains.

For some, all of this work without much downtime can be challenging. “I just do it,” states Huffman.

Of course, it would be hard to do all these things if at least one of them weren’t enjoyable. “I really like martial arts,” she states. “I have wanted to play the violin since I was 7, but my parents couldn’t afford lessons until 7th grade.”

Huffman also has family in Japan that she is learning how to communicate with.