Semi-Annual Blood Drive Draws 107


NHS Officers Laura Popescu, Monica Angelecio, and Linh Tran having fun signing students up.

The semi-annual blood drive drew 107 donors on Dec. 8.

The blood buses arrived early and were in the back of the school, ready for students to donate at daylight.  A small but comfortable area was the layout of each bus, with a spot for students to lay down and try to relax.

“We’ve always gotten the most spots filled,” says Social Studies Teacher Kathy Thiebes, organizes the program.

Junior Johnny Stansecu donates blood earlier this month.


Even though 130 students seems like a lot, it´s the usual amount for this time of year. Thiebes says, ¨This is one of the stronger drives.¨ They totaled 107 pints of blood which will be able to save 321 lives, which Thiebes says ¨a lot of that will stay in our community.¨ Those results have been the most successful the Red Cross has seen this year among high schools.

The next time to sign up will be in April, with the event happening in the back gym in May. If you want to participate or are interested in learning more, see Thiebes in room 128 or contact NHS President, Laura Popescu.