New Fundraiser Gets Big Reaction From Student Body

Laura Popescu , Editor-In-Chief

Among all the organizations Centennial has chosen to support, the newly added Thirst Project was launched a few months ago and since then continues to thrive in donations. Just recently CHS’ Student Council led a bowl-a-thon at Mt. Hood Lanes that received a great response from the school.

The Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization focused on making clean water available to third-world countries by adding things such a fresh water wells and donating money to sending volunteers there to help support financially. Just recently, the Thirst Project had reached out to public schools in our district in hopes to raise money and encourage students to make a difference globally.

On November 10th, ASB president Gabe Schoene hosted a night to bowl for CHS students. $10 for unlimited games and all money would go towards the Thirst Project. In total, we earned around $300 for the fundraiser and have another one tonight that is expected to have the same turn out.

Schoene commented, “The student’s effort and interest is astonishing in regards to the participation of the events. The positive energy through the Thirst Project is truly amazing.”

Indeed it is. Schoene announced that CHS will be participating in more fundraisers to help raise money for the great cause. Tonight at the G6 Air park, Centennial will be hosting a thirst project night . Head over to Mall 205 and join the party at 8pm-11pm for only $11 and help donate the cause. Also, keep an eye out for the occasional Thirst Project tables outside of school events and feel free to stop on by and learn more about the cause! The booths sell t-shirts, stickers, and provides volunteer opportunities if needed.