Justin Bieber’s New Album Gives My Life “Purpose”

Laura Popescu , Editor-In-Chief

The man, the myth, the legend Justin Bieber released his fifth album “Purpose” on November 13th reminding us all that he is still alive and no longer peeing in janitors’ buckets.  

His 12 track album sparked a reaction to the nation with “What Do You Mean?” being his first single released. Followed by the ever so famous “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” followed weeks later. His new music varies from his prior albums, giving the fans a new sound as the background of his pure angel-kissed voice.

Personally, my favorite track would be “I’ll Show You” which is basically his subtle message to the haters claiming that he is back and better than ever. And if there’s anything I like more than come-back songs, it’s a good come-back song with a killer music video. He takes a serious tone in his song “Purpose” by choosing to name the entire album after the main song; it shows his value to those who have helped him achieve the new outlook he has on his life along with it’s impact on his new world. Both songs show the ends of the spectrum that is the Justin Bieber album. From revenge song to uplifting realization, JB proves he wanted to cover all aspects of controversy in his life through his new music and approach it in a humbling matter.

Aside from his music, Justin has brought a new touch to his music videos and his addition to new/upcoming artists featured in his songs. In Purpose alone, he added six artists including the new indie artist Halsey and the popular Ed Sheeran writing some of the songs. The variation in featured artists is a refreshing take on a pop album that shows attaining diversity amongst the music world is still a value to artists today.  
Whether a fan or not, this new album can transform whatever initial thoughts you had on the artist. Purpose has definitely made it to my top 5 albums of the year, showing a different perspective in the world of pop. From a girl who only listened to “Eenie Meenie” only to then binge-listening to the entirety of his album, I am a prime example of how a good album can transform your mindset on artists and their general vibe. JB, you’re alright in my book.  Don’t mess it up.