MeCHA Club Making a Difference

Michelle Yang , Staff Writer

MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán. It is a student organization that advances higher on education, culture and history. It’s been around since 1960’s during the civil rights movements. It has also helped people promote and find pride in Hispanic culture by getting ahead academically and supporting to those who went through the similar path.

The whole main purpose for MEChA is to accomplish four goals which are academic, excellence, community involvement, leadership and cultural awareness. Members who are part of MEChA want to help every single person be successful; whether it’s in school or out of school,  members want to provide others with resources and be a supportive system. One of the reflective goals for MEChA is to see others achieve and moved forward in life.

The main annual event MEChA holds at Centennial High School is the famous Multicultural Night. Multicultural Night is when different people from different ethnicities participate in sharing elements of their own culture by representing food, arts, dance, and other aspects that make their culture unique.

The club holds all kind of events and members often times host celebrations in honor of spreading school pride of their heritage. This year for Christmas members sponsored three families and had a Christmas celebrations an ode to families within the community. Despite the club being full of different members each year, their persistence in strengthening the community, along with the bond with one another, never dies.

Senior President of MEChA Alma Quintero shared, “I love being part of MEChA because it’s not just a group or organization, they are like my family and we have each other’s back. Even if it’s just one thing we can’t do, we always push each other not to give up and encourage to find new opportunities.”

Despite popular belief anyone can join MEChA! Visit their meetings on Wednesdays in Room 123 from 3-4 PM to get more information.