Centennial School Spirit

Michelle Yang, Staff Writer

Every Friday students are encouraged to wear Eagle gear. It’s red, blue or white with Centennial and Eagle logo. Everyone goes to the games to support their friends and fellow classmates and show up to events that our school holds.

“Once an Eagle, always an Eagle,” Hearing everybody scream this quote from the top of their lungs sends chills down to my spine. It’s been one of my favorite quotes and always will be.

I interviewed a couple of students and asked their opinions about our school spirit. A girl insisted to remain anonymous shared, “Some students have pride but mostly teachers have school pride. I honestly think we don’t have much pride for our school.”

Senior Jasmine Mae Tesoro said, “The students is lacking school spirit and aren’t really participating in school activities such as attending games, wearing red every Friday and going to the assembly because most of them are always in the cafeteria.”

Senior Marina Youssef said, “I think our school is slowly killing the so called school pride. My friends and I used to wear red on Fridays but then we stop wearing them and eventually gave up on school spirit.”

Junior Alexus Johnson shared that, “School spirit is important and I think we need to focus on increasing it because some people think school spirit is stupid when it’s really not.”

In my opinion, I believe we should try to improve on having everybody in our school participate in everything Centennial does because it shouldn’t just be a few people; everyone else needs to be included. School spirit can help bring us together and united as Centennial because it represents who we are.

Nevertheless, it’s okay to be open-minded but be respectful to people’s opinion even when you don’t agree. We all have different thoughts about a certain subject.