Science Test Scores Could Lead to Prizes

Michelle Yang , Staff Writer

Are you ready for the science state testing? Ready or not, it’s coming! 

It’ll be tough for students to function with all the information being thrown at them, especially coming back from break, which is when the testing begins. In order to get students ready, teachers from the science department will be reviewing and preparing their students before taking the test.

Students who pass the test will receive one or two raffle tickets–depending on their scores–and will be entered into a drawing.  Winning tickets will be announced at an assembly. 

Here are the passing scores in order to get tickets:

Meets: 240 – 1 ticket

Exceeds: 246 – 2 tickets

There are two drawings. The first drawing will be drawn after the first test session, and another drawing will happen after the second one. The prizes are two different $50 gift cards and a $10 Dutch Bros card. Science Department Chair Rachel Davidson said, “About 29 people total could win the prizes.”