Career Credit Changes


Students have more options than ever before to earn Career Credits.

“Centennial is one of the few high schools to require ‘Career Credit,’” said School-to-Work Coordinator Jeff Stanek.  “All schools are required to make sure all students complete all ‘career’ tasks, but we all do it differently.”

Stanek said Centennial combines all the requirements for career credit into an actual transcript half credit to simplify tracking student success.  

Assistant Principal Zach Ramberg has spearheaded a change in the career program and students can now earn this credit in more than a dozen classes.  “We’ve expanded student options way beyond the tech classes,” said Stanek.  “It’s really better for kids this way.”

Ramberg said, “Students should participate in the new expansion because it has a couple of inherent benefits for students.” One of the great benefits for the students is that there are many classes to choose from which allows students to have more opportunities.   Some of these new opportunities come in courses such as metals, speech, newspaper, occupational teaching and

There are about 200 students who are taking different classes for their career credits. So far, the changes have been a huge success, and Ramberg said many other schools have been impressed with what Centennial is doing.  

Ramberg said “Anytime we can provide flexibility for our students or for adults in the building it’s always a good thing.”