School Hosts Financial Aid Night

With a goal to inform juniors and seniors and their parents about FAFSA  and other related college financial aid information, the school will hold Financial Aid Night on Dec. 10 in the school commons.  A second night will follow on January 12 in the computer labs for FAFSA sign up.

“I want at least 50% of the students to feel comfortable when talking about colleges,” said teacher Ben Peterson, one of the event’s hosts of the event and Centennial’s Financial Math teacher.

Financial Aid Night will open up with an introduction of the event and will then continue in three different classrooms where students and family members will learn about paying for college and what they need to complete the FAFSA; these breakout sessions will be done in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Applying early increase the chances for FAFSA money.  “You need to apply to FAFSA every year; it is not a thing you do once and then stop doing,” stated Petersen.  Applications open January 1.