Grapplers Hit the Mat

Eli Porterfield , Staff Writer

The first wrestling match is Dec. 4 at David Douglas High School.  Coach Roger Matthews has specific targets in mind for the upcoming season, “We will look to make improvements everyday, and get better on a day-to-day basis.”  He also noted that the wrestling team as a whole lacks experience, and that a lot of the members will be in their first year.  Matthews also said that he expects big things from the veteran members of the program.

Matthews is a firm believer in the idea of hard work.  He has a simple philosophy,  “Work hard and no excuses.  Wrestling is an individual sport and it reflects how you practice.”  He expects the middle class weights to be the strongest overall, but the heavyweight and lightweight classes will be anchored by older members.  Matthews spoke very highly of his fellow coaches in regards to individual development.

There is a variety of wrestling clubs that keep wrestlers in shape and involved at multiple different levels.  For kids between the ages of 4-12 there is a youth program called Mat Club.  At the middle school level, there is a wrestling club that is associated with the Sun group.  At the high school level after the regular season there is freestyling season which lasts for another 3 months.  All in all, he said that 4-5 kids at the high school level that are involved in wrestling for 6 months out of the year.