CHS Cultural Spotlight – Alejandra Perez


Alejandra Perez, a junior at Centennial High, came to America when she was just six years old. Although she doesn’t remember her travels due to her sleeping most of the time, she does remember how her life was in Mexico.

In Mexico, she lived with her grandmother. They had a decent sized house, along with a little store that her grandma ran.

Perez shares how Mexico didn’t have paved roads, and because of that, the government would always make a lot of loud, scary noises, trying to repair the roads.

Her parents made the trip to America more than once. Her oldest sister, Guadalupe, was born in Mexico as well, but her other older sister, Stephanie, was born here in America. They traveled back to Mexico for a family emergency, and had Alejandra. Perez’s two younger siblings were both born in the US.

Perez says that Mexican culture is very different than American Culture. “Mexican culture is more together, traditional. Once you’re in the Mexican culture, you’re in it.  It’s naturally there.”