Fee Waivers Could Benefit Seniors

If anything, for seniors this time of year is so crucial and has potential to shaping out the rest of their lives.

With college applications and scholarship opportunities presenting themselves left and right it can be difficult to stay on top of everything, especially in a financial sense.

University of Oregon requires students who apply to pay $65 just for the application to be sent in. Fees like this are just the beginning of  the long process of paying for a college education.

Some students may be familiar with the SAT/AP Testing Fee Waiver which covers 100% of the registration fees for students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch. This opportunity alone has provided students with the opportunity to meet the financial requirements that standardized testing and universities have mandated. To make this process even easier, the fee waiver also applies to college applications which deducts the overall registration fee (such as the $65 fee from U of O).

Career counseling secretary, Trish Dorning, explains “The fee waivers are different for each school. We have an example of the U of O and PSU waivers. For more details on specific colleges you would most likely have to contact Mr. Coupe. He helps students with the individual process for each school.”

Fee waivers are, for lack of better term, the savior to every high schooler struggling to meet the financial expectations that the educational system enforces on them. To find out if you meet the requirements, CHS counselors recommend you make an appointment with them to explore your financial options after taking a look at your financial situation. If you would like to learn about more opportunities and the process of fee waivers, visit the College Board site.