First League Game for Varsity Boys Soccer

Hsar Taw, Writer

The season officially started on September 26th, with the varsity boys first game against Milwaukee. With this new exciting season here, we wonder what the competition will be like and how the Varsity Boys will do this season. I decided to talk to varsity captain Khup Thang about how he feels about this new season.

As the preseason ends and as we enter the season, the results the varsity team has produced is thrilling to see. As me and Khup talked, I asked if the preseason got his team ready for the first game. He responded, “Yeah definitely, I think we played pretty hard teams in preseason and we won [against] most of them. So I think that definitely set the momentum, and gave us the confidence to start playing league games.”

In the first league game against Milwaukee the Varsity Boys took the win and outperformed their opponents. With the first game being a win, I decided to ask Khup how he feels about this.

“(Our) first league game I think was against Milwaukee, I think we performed (well) but we definitely could have put more goals in. A 3-0 win is still good, but we definitely could have beaten them by more, but I’m satisfied with the results we got.” Getting into more detail about the game, I questioned Thang’s thoughts on what the team did well, and he answered with, “From our first loss it was hard for us, so we decided to build off of it instead of moping around. I think we definitely showed that, we are on a five game winning streak with the league (record). Starting [with] 2-0 I think we definitely did what we sought out to do, and it’s just up from here.”

As I asked more about the game, I also asked Thang what he thinks his team could improve on, and he had this to say, “Our team is very technical but at the same time that’s a disadvantage  [some]times, because we wanna dribble the ball and take everyone on. When really we (should) just play simple balls, and get more goals in. But I think that [it’s] about playing quicker, we definitely have the ability to do so.” The season has started and it will be exciting to see.