CHS – Boys Soccer Update


CHS male soccer is in full swing! With a record of 6-5 and one tie we are having mixed success.  I interviewed one of our soccer stars Thang Khup, and he had a hot take on his thoughts on the state of Eagles soccer, and how we may improve to come back, to not only win, but dominate the rest of Oregon’s top schools.

Q1: Coming off a win against Westview, what is going through your guy’s heads?
Khup: “They thought that they were going to beat us but it was nice to prove them wrong.”


Q2: How does CHS stand in the rankings of schools here in Oregon?”
Khup: “We are the 28th team in the state.”

Q3: Who or what is your team’s best asset?
Khup: “It has to be our forward Andrew Martinez. His varsity score is 60 goals and he is a great player.”

Q4: What school do you think is the biggest threat to us in terms of a tough match?
 Khup: “Clackamas- they are a solid team.”


Q5: Finally what message would you like to send to the rest of the teams in Oregon?
Khup then said with a confident grin: “It feels good when they underestimate us!”


And so concludes my interview with Thang Khup. I think I’m in the majority when I say Oregon better watch out because CHS is coming, not just kicking soccer balls, we are coming to kick people off the rankings and take names!