Aaron Gives Viewers His Five Favorite Musicals



There are so many movies. Who doesn’t love movies, right? 

But we’ve got to share the love of musicals and plays, singing, and dancing. Let’s talk about how amazing and awesome the theater is. I’m going to list the top five musical plays you should watch, and why you should watch them. 

  1. Into the Woods is very good, and more well known but still a bit underrated. I love this one because it’s creative and it’s an adventure. This musical has a film version that came out on December 25th 2014 and can be watched on Disney Plus. There is an original version that is available on DVD.  
  2. Kinky Boots is not as well known, but people who have seen it love it. I love It. It’s funny, creative, expressive, wild, and has deeper themes inside. It has a movie version and Broadway version. The movie is available on DVD and this May, the Broadway version will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD.
  3. The Sound of Music is a classic that you just have to watch. It’s full of entertainment, heartwarming fun, and adventures. I love this one and it has one version that can be watched on Disney Plus. 
  4. Waitress is an underrated, yet moving musical that I think people should watch. Its beautiful story is real and expressive. It’s beautiful, heartwarming, and passionate. This has a movie and Broadway adaptation of the movie. The movie can be watched on Amazon Prime Video, the Broadway musical version has yet to be released, but a US tour of the show will begin in 2022.
  5. She Loves Me is yet another relatively well known musical, but nonetheless, underrated and a must watch. It’s very romantic, beautiful, funny and entertaining. The 2016 Broadway version can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.