Amalia Carter Retires: A Look at Her Time at CHS



Amalia Carter.

Alexys Graham, Staff Writer

As we fight the numerous difficulties throughout everyday life, I figure we as a whole can agree the Covid-19 pandemic is a major battle for us all to overcome. The communications we have been making this year are through a screen. Not all of us appreciate meeting over video as it is better and more exciting eye to eye. This is particularly valid for retiring Centennial High School Spanish teacher, Amalia Carter.


Carter has been working as a teacher for 25 years, four of them being here at Centennial High School. When she first started teaching she was a middle and high school teacher in Mexico where she taught Business and Tourism Administration. She has always wanted to be a Spanish teacher, Carter says, “Yes. It is one of my greatest passions…I decided to use my own experience learning a foreign language in order to teach Spanish. Spanish is my native tongue.”


Carter plans to get back into her hobbies that she hasn’t done in what feels like forever, one of them being writing. “I feel the inspiration and motivation to write again, which is a hobby of mine that I have neglected for many years.”


As Carter gets ready to retire she is looking forward to exploring all that life has to offer. Carter says, “ My plans are just to be at peace, enjoy nature, and celebrate the simple things of life because those are often taken for granted. I want to spend more time with my family and friends and create joyful memories.” 


Carter’s favorite part of the year is the end of school, not because of summer vacation but because she could see all that her class has accomplished. Hearing the words “Thank you Ms. Carter” is very uplifting to her as a teacher. Carter says “During those moments I realize that all of the stress and hard work is worth it and that I am making a difference in my students’ lives.”


She says she will not miss teaching but will miss the connections she makes with her students. Carter still plans to make YouTube videos that can be a resource for other students. 


We aren’t able to say goodbye face to face, but as a farewell to beloved Spanish teacher Carter, a few words should be said.


Sophomore Fatuma Yusuf says, “If there is one word that would describe Ms. Carter it would be enthusiastic. She is very funny and very caring. I will miss her dearly. Yes she is hard on us but that is her being a good teacher and making sure we are learning right and properly. Ms. Carter has a wonderful personality and song playlist. I will mostly miss all the stories she shares with us and all the projects we do in her classroom. I hope you have a great retirement!”


Spanish teacher Katherine Aschbacher says, “When I joined the World Languages Department last year, she was super helpful to me.  I had been teaching for a long time and speaking Spanish for a long time, but I had never taught Spanish formally.  Mrs. Carter was so patient, always answering my questions, guiding me through what to be teaching, sharing her materials, and providing friendship and support along the way.  She is so kind, strong, generous, and funny.  When we would meet to collaborate on classes, I always learned something about her life growing up in Mexico, teaching in California, or an amusing story from her many years of teaching.  I will miss her a lot!”


 Carter is a wonderful and passionate person, as a goodbye she would like to tell her students to “dream high. Each one of them is very valuable and they are going to shine.  Perseverance is the secret.  They are going to encounter difficulties but the most important thing is how they are going to react to those difficulties. It is going to take steadfastness, wisdom, and love to overcome in their way.  And finally I want them to achieve happiness. They need to love, forgive, and be zealous for life. They can only do that with a positive attitude!”