CHS Introduces New Anime Club



Starting this school year, Centennial High School is introducing an Anime Club, focusing on 2-D animated shows and films that are produced and aired in Japan.


Science teacher Stephen Hamilton serves as the club advisor, and explained the process of how he became involved. 


¨Kylie Kue and Kim Tu reached out to me. It was a while back- October actually. Kim emailed me if I wanted to be the advisor, since I could relate with folks’ interest in anime.¨


The club began their meetings back in December 2020, continuing to gather together on a weekly basis to watch episodes of popular shows, and to discuss what they viewed afterwards. 


In addition to these, the club also hosts monthly events to try and garner interest from other students in the school.


Their latest event was held on January 22nd consisted of participants learning to make paper flowers using kirigami, a Japanese art consisting of cutting and gluing paper, rather than relying solely on folding like origami. 


¨It’s ironic, since this is my first full year of teaching. As a student teacher, half my experience was teaching online. Kind of gave me a leg up,¨ Hamilton says. ¨I have a good setup, good microphone. From the technology standpoint, I feel like I´m prepared. 


Going into 2021, the club plans to create a strong community within the club, and be more active on all platforms to reach new members each week.