Textbook Distribution Remains Open

Textbook Distribution Remains Open

Kira Harmon, Staff Writer

With school being online, many students are struggling to get into the spirit of learning.  While the social impact of distance learning is talked about by many, one of the lesser but still important issues that goes along with the school being off limits is the ability for students to access textbooks and other classroom materials.


Assistant Principal Zach  Ramberg and Librarian Suzi Gurney have tried to combat this dilemma by setting up a textbook distribution system.


Who: High School Students

What: Textbook Pickup

Where: Main office area at the front of the school.

When: Started a couple weeks before the new quad started.  Students can still access materials by buzzing in to the main office during school hours.

Why: So students can get the books they need to thrive and do well in their classes.