A Pandemic and the Performing Arts: Upcoming Events

Beatrice Byrd, Editor

Virtual learning itself has come with a whole set of challenges, but one of the most difficult negotiations certain teachers have had to make is how to continue the education and enjoyment of the performing arts.

While the pandemic has been a period of figuring out performing in a completely different setting, here are some of the events and performances that choir, drama, and band have put together or scheduled. 

Choir: Listed below are links to the songs choir recorded last quarter. Director Brice Cloyd said, “Choirs are working on getting a few more songs recorded before the end of the year, and all links will eventually be unloaded to YouTube.” 

Not all choir student’s are loaded into the videos, but here are the videos that choir has produced during the pandemic: New Day CDL

   CHS National Anthem CDL


Drama: Putting together a virtual play has been an extremely daunting task for Drama Director Kellie McCarty and students involved in this year’s show. However, overcoming those adversities has led to the successful completion of this year’s winter play, Clue.

The murder mystery comedy is streaming TODAY Friday, February 26th at 7 pm and is available through the 28th. Here is the link to more information about it and how to view it: Clue Poster 


Band: The CHS Band is planning for a virtual concert to take place sometime this May! “The Pep band and Jazz Band will be recording some great songs for this concert,” said Band Director Breeanna Theilacker. More information about the concert will be posted closer to the event. 


With performing arts, it is crucial to have an audience. The act of performing is a way of telling a story, expressing to an audience, connection. And in order for this to happen, an audience is key. So, consider being a part of that audience and support the CHS performing arts programs.