The Talon Seeks Writers for Next Year!


 The Talon is looking for writers for next year’s school newspaper.  Interested students should forecast for Beginning Journalism in order to learn the basics for the class.  Beginning Journalism is a one-semester course; students could take Advanced Journalism, also called The Talon, the second semester.

In some cases students with solid writing skills can come right to The Talon staff without taking Beginning Journalism.  Students interested in doing that should contact Advisor Jeff Stanek directly.  [email protected]

Editor Beatrice Byrd said, “I can’t stress enough the incredible qualities this class possesses. The amount of support and community I found while in the walls of room 101 (which later translated into the boxes of zoom) is unmatchable. The classmates are friendly and encompass everything it means to be a team, and what is a team without it’s leader? Stanek is one of the most supportive and kind teachers I have ever encountered. I don’t mean to gush, but it’s not everyday you come across a community that gives meaning to the word compassionate as well as this class does.”  

Click here for a look at what some of this year’s writers have to say about the newspaper and its staff: