No Snow Days! Distance Learning Plows Through Bad Weather


As we have been approaching the end of fall and the start of winter, many parents, students, and even teachers have been wondering:  “What are we going to do if we have snow?”

With all the students learning from inside their own homes, it begs the question, are we going to take snow days off from school?

Centennial High School Principal Mairi Scott-Aguirre suspects that it’s unlikely we will shut down distance learning from home, save for a few cases that would affect students’ abilities to learn.  “I think part of it is they’ll be evaluating the area because sometimes with snow days there’s power outages or wind, and I think they would cancel school if there were a lot of power outages in our area.”

As for the few teachers who have been going into the Centennial High School building, however, Scott-Aguirre notes, “They wouldn’t be able to come in on the snow day, but they might not cancel school because we’ve already missed so much school.”

Those teachers would likely have to teach from home on snow days, or may have to run asynchronous classes.

Ultimately, whether or not the district takes a day off if we have snow is up to the Superintendent, Dr. Paul Coakley.   “It’s a district-level call; it’s not a school-level call,” she said.

As of November 25, the district has decided to continue online learning during snow days.

The teachers who are going into the building to teach because of Internet connection problems have been asked to discuss options with their respective school’s principal in the case of weather issues, according to Assistant Superintendent and Director of Human Resources James Owens.

Here is the official winter update released by Coakley:

Superintendent’s Winter Update

“I think we’re very likely to have snow.  Then the real question is do we get to have fun with it,” Scott-Aguirre said.